Recommended Courses

Enjoy a Forest Adventure and a Sky Full of Stars
Located at the source of the Shimanto River and home to the Shikoku Karst, the towns of Tsuno and Yusuhara are mystical areas of forest and sky. Not only can you revel in the beauty of nature, but there is the Forest Adventure where you can experience all the forest has to offer as well as other popular leisure activities. Then, there are the starry skies of the Shikoku Karst, a natural planetarium that lets you experience a sky full of stars unlike anything you have ever seen. Then, savor heartwarming, delicious local cuisine made by local mothers as you journey at a leisurely pace.
Experience the Nature and Culture of the Oku Shimanto Sky Area!
The towns of Tsuno and Yusuhara also possess a rich history and culture. In addition to mountains, forests, and the great outdoors are the local food culture, tea farms that have existed since antiquity, Dappan no Michi, a road walked by revolutionaries, and countless other spots exuding the lifeways of the people here. From the architecture of Kengo Kuma that blends tradition and modernity to encounters with rustic locals, come embark on a journey to experience the history and culture of Tsuno and Yusuhara,
Enjoy Camping and Marine Activities to Your Hearts Content, Then Relax in the Hot Springs ♪
With its beautiful scenery of intricate terrain, Uranouchi Bay in the city of Susaki has calm waves that let you enjoy all kinds of marine activities year round. Enjoy playing in the ocean, cycling around the bay, and sea kayaking at Logos Park Seaside Kochi Susaki, a campsite opened in 2022! Then, after all the fun, treat your tired body to Susaki's famous Nabeyaki Ramen and the healing power of the hot springs!
Experience the culture of Nakatosa. Immerse yourself in the nature and local culture of Oku Shimanto
In the Oku Shimanto area, delicious rice and water have fostered a culture of sake, leading to the establishment of several distinctive sake breweries. Nishioka Sake Brewery in Nakatosa, Japan's oldest sake brewery. Mute Muka Sake Brewery in Shimanto and Fujimoto Brewery known for the famous sake brand Momotaro, also in Shimanto. Behind the creation and enjoyment of fine sake lies a local culture passed down over the ages. Come take a stroll to explore the culture of the midstream area of the Shimanto River.
See, touch, and taste. Experience the wonders of Oku Shimanto with your family!
There are all kinds of activities and facilities in Oku Shimanto perfect for families and groups. From gliding 20 meters above the Shimanto River on the Shimanto River Zipline to enjoying straw-grilled bonito as you look out over the Pacific Ocean in the Bonito Straw Grilling Experience, and basket fishing and traditional Japanese boat rides with the Kami-no-Kae Fishing Experience, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the essence of Oku Shimanto!There's fun for all ages at the Kaiyodo Hobby Hall Shimanto and Kaiyodo Kappa Hall, museums by the renowned Japanese figure manufacturer Kaiyodo.