“Oku Shimanto” is a collective term for an area that covers the headwaters and the upper/middle stream of the Shimanto River. Five city and towns in the area are full of natural allure, with mountains, rivers, and the sea: a highland area called Shikoku Karst, an area streaked with rivers including the Shimanto River, and the Kuroshio area with views of the Pacific Ocean. Take deep breaths, unwind, have delicious food, come in contact with the culture every now and then, and enjoy “Oku Shimanto Time” that is yours and yours only.

About the Oku Shimanto Area

Shimanto River, the last pure river in Japan, and Shinjo River, a river where Japanese river otters were last seen, originate in the mountains of Shikoku Karst. They flow slowly, coexisting with people who live nearby, and eventually pour into the Pacific Ocean, bringing fertility to it. Untouched landscapes of Japan still remain vibrantly in the Oku Shimanto area. When people visit this land and encounter its nature, seasonal flavors, and homey kindness, they will surely find that they have regained themselves and feel refreshed without realizing it.

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